Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge

Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge is one of my favorite places ever in the Western New York area! It’s chock full of beautiful marshlands, plenty of nature trails, and offers great opportunities to watch birds, especially the bald eagles that come to nest. If you have never been there, today’s post is all about the Refuge and what it has to offer!


Elma Meadows Golf Course

Located in Elma, NY, another Erie County golf course on my resume of courses played is Elma Meadows Golf Course. I am an easy person to please and am very easygoing, but my friends and I did not receive good service there. The course and the overall golf experience however was good.

Twin Warriors Golf Club

The second of only two desert golf courses that I have experienced was Twin Warriors Golf Club in Bernalillo, NM. The course is absolutely beautiful and is the epitome of desert golf, featuring arroyos, sandy plateaus, red rock formations, and picturesque views of the Sandia Mountains!

New Mexico Road Trip

Have you ever taken a cross-country road trip? I have taken a couple of them now and they are an amazing experience! Today’s post highlights my trip from last year at this time to Santa Fe, NM and back, including a trip from Santa Fe up to Arches National Park and Mesa Verde National Park! It was the trip of a lifetime!

Glenwood Lake

I love being near water or out on the water. I have recently gotten into kayaking and one of my favorite spots that I have been to is Glenwood Lake in Medina, NY. It’s a perfect size lake to paddle around at and there’s plenty to explore, including the waterfall that flows into the lake!